Global Library Parameters

    All parameters that are to be configurable in the CloverDX Server UI, need to be placed in a parameter file called library.prm in the root of the library project. Server administrator can refer to our Server Library documentation for more information on where the parameters can be configured after library installation.

    • This file needs to be created manually or you can use our Data Catalog Connectors Template, which includes all the components recommended for connector development.

    • The labels and descriptions for graph parameters appear in the CloverDX Server UI.

    • Use clear and easy-to-understand parameter labels and descriptions to help administrators with the library setup.

    • Use the appropriate Editor types for your parameters, such as enums, numeric, or boolean, to simplify the library setup process for administrators.

    • It is not necessary to set all parameters as public, as all parameters in the file will be included in the CloverDX Server UI by default.

    • If you need to access these parameters, you can link the parameter file to your job file.

    libraries dev params description
    Figure 334. Edit parameters dialog with Description and Label
    libraries dev params in server
    Figure 335. Parameters in Server UI
    • If values are set in this parameter file, they will be used in the job execution. However, the parameters can be overridden when the graph is executed. In that case, values specified in library.prm are considered default values.

    • Some of the parameter values, such as connection details, might be necessary for the library initialization. See Initialization Jobs (pre-generating metadata).