Common Java Interfaces

    Following are the methods of the common Transform interface:

    • void setNode(Node node)

      Associates a graph Node with this transformation.

    • Node getNode()

      Returns a graph Node associated with this transformation, or null if no graph node is associated.

    • TransformationGraph getGraph()

      Returns a TransformationGraph associated with this transformation, or null if no graph is associated.

    • void preExecute()

      Called during each graph run before the transformation is executed. May be used to allocate and initialize resources required by the transformation. All resources allocated within this method should be released by the postExecute() method.

    • void postExecute(TransactionMethod transactionMethod)

      Called during each graph run after the entire transformation is executed. Should be used to free any resources allocated within the preExecute() method.

    • String getMessage()

      Called to report any user-defined error message if an error occurs during the transformation and the transformation returned value less than or equal to -2. It is called when either append(), count(), generate(), getOutputPort(), transform() or updateTansform() or any of their OnError() counterparts returns value less than or equal to -2.

    • void finished() (deprecated)

      Called at the end of the transformation after all input data records are processed.

    • void reset() (deprecated)

      Resets the transformation to the initial state (for another execution). This method may be called only if the transformation was successfully initialized before.