Evaluation Server

    The default installation of CloverDX Server uses embedded Apache Derby DB; therefore, it does not require any external database server or subsequent configuration, as CloverDX Server configures itself during the first startup. Database tables and some necessary records are automatically created on the first startup with an empty database.

    By performing a subsequent configuration, you can evaluate other CloverDX Server features (e.g. sending emails, LDAP authentication, Clustering, etc.). This way, you can also prepare the Evaluation Server for production environment. However, note that the embedded Apache Derby database is not supported for production environment. Therefore, before the subsequent configuration, choose one of the supported external dedicated databases.

    If the CloverDX Server must be evaluated on application containers other than Tomcat, or you prefer a different database system, proceed with a common installation of Production Server

    Default login credentials for CloverDX Server Console are:

    Username: clover

    Password: clover


    1. Make sure you have a compatible Java version:

      Eclipse Temurin JDK 11 or 17 is required.

    2. Download and extract the CloverDX Evaluation Server.

      1. Log into your CloverDX account and download the Evaluation Server Bundle.

      2. Extract the .zip archive. The name of the file is CloverDX.<version>.Tomcat-<version>.zip.

      It is recommended to place the extracted content on a path that does not contain space character(s).

      C:\Program Files or /home/user/some diryes

      C:\Users\Username or /home/user/some_dirno

    3. Set the JAVA_HOME Environment Variable:

      • Unix-like systems:

        • Open the /bin/ file and define the path at the beginning of the file:

          export JAVA_HOME=/opt/jdk-11.0.18+10
          java home linux
          Figure 3. edited in Linux.
      • Windows system:

        • Open the /bin/setenv.bat file and define the path at the beginning of the file:

          set "JAVA_HOME=C:\java\jdk-11.0.18+10"
          java home win
          Figure 4. setenv.bat edited in Windows.
    4. Run Tomcat.

      • Unix-like systems: run /bin/

      • Windows system: run \bin\startup.bat.

    5. Log in CloverDX Server.

      1. Type http://localhost:8083/clover/ in your browser.

      2. Activate the CloverDX Server.

      3. Use the default administrator credentials to access the web GUI:

        Username: clover

        Password: clover

    6. CloverDX Server is now installed and prepared for basic evaluation. There are couple of sandboxes with various demo transformations installed.

      To safely stop the server, run /bin/ or \bin\shutdown.bat on Unix-like or Windows system respectively.