Start a Library Health Check Job

    Start a library health check job starts a predefined graph or jobflow to check whether the selected library is working properly. This task is only available in schedules (not in event listeners) and once the schedule is created, the task type cannot be changed. For more information, see the Health Check section in Libraries.

    Table 38. Attributes of "Start a library health check job" task
    Name Description

    Task type

    "Start a library health check job"

    Start on

    Node(s) to process the task.

    This attribute is accessible only in Cluster environment. If there are nodes specified, the task will be processed on the first node which is online and ready.


    This select box contains libraries which are readable by the logged user AND define a health check job AND the job is not scheduled yet (there can be only one health check schedule per library).

    Save execution history

    Information about the execution of the health check job is saved to database.

    tasks health check
    Figure 177. Web GUI - Library health check task

    The behavior of this task type is similar to Start a Graph, but it does not accept any parameters.