28. Working with CloverDX Server

    CloverDX Server Project Basic Principles

    Connecting via HTTP

    Connecting via HTTPS

    Connecting via Proxy Server

    With CloverDX Designer and CloverDX Server fully integrated, you can access Server sandboxes directly from the Designer without having to copy them back and forth manually.

    Designer takes care of all the data transfers for you - you can directly edit graphs, run them on the Server, edit data files, metadata, etc. You can even view live tracking of a graph execution as it runs on the Server.

    Remember that the version of CloverDX Designer and CloverDX Server must match.

    You can connect to your CloverDX Server by creating a CloverDX Server Project in CloverDX Designer. For detailed information, see CloverDX Server Project.

    To learn how you can interchange graphs, metadata, etc. between a CloverDX Server sandbox and a standard CloverDX project, see the following links: