Validation of the Rest Job parameter values can be achieved in Data Apps by setting the appropriate properties in CloverDX Designer. The following types of Rest Job parameters have validation options:

    • Number

    • Integer

    • Long

    • Decimal

    • String

    • Enumeration - if custom values are allowed

    Numeric types

    For all numeric types, two rules can be set, the minimum and maximum accepted value. For the decimal type, the length and scale can also be set.

    String validation

    String parameters have four types of validations available, that can be applied at the same time:

    • The minimum and the maximum length for the string.

    • Regular expression.

    • A predefined validation rule.

    Table 81. Predefined validation rules
    Rule Name Description

    Email address

    The value has to be a valid email address.


    The value has to be a valid URL.

    Digits only

    The value may only contain digits.

    Letters only

    The value may only contain upper and lower case letters.