Basics of Metadata Editor

    The Metadata Editor consists of:

    • Record pane showing an overview of information about the record as a whole and also the list of its fields with delimiters, sizes or both. Record pane is on the left side. See Record Pane.

    • Details pane showing details of an item selected in the Record pane. Details pane is on the right side. See Details Pane.

    • Buttons for undo, redo, copy, cut and paste actions in the top.

    • Show whitespace checkbox enabling user to easily distinguish particular white space characters.

    Default values of some properties are printed in gray text.

    Below you can see an example of delimited metadata and fixed length metadata. Mixed metadata would be a combination of both cases. For some field names, delimiter would be defined and no size would be specified; whereas for others, size would be defined and no delimiter would be specified, or both would be defined. To create such metadata, you must do it manually.

    Figure 190. Metadata Editor for a Delimited File

    Save As New functionality is available only for an internal metadata.

    Trackable Fields Selection

    In a Jobflow, the values of selected fields can be tracked. The fields can be selected using the Print field value into log with token statusPrint field value into log with token status button, as show below:

    MetadataEditor jobflow
    Figure 191. Trackable Fields Selection in Metadata Editor

    To deselect the fields, use the button Do not print field value into log with token statusDo not print field value into log with token status. The button appears only if the tracking of the field is enabled.