Use Cases

    Possible use cases are:

    Execute graphs in chain

    For example, we have to execute graph B, only if another graph A finished without any error. So there is a relation between these graphs. We can achieve this behavior by creating a graph event listener. We create a listener for graph finished OK event of graph A and choose an execute graph task type with graph B specified for execution. If we create another listener for graph B with the execute graph task with graph C specified, it will work as a chain of graphs.

    listeners executeGraphsInChains
    Figure 203. The event source graph isn’t specified, thus the listener works for all graphs in the specified sandbox
    Email notification about graph failure
    listeners sendEmailOnFailure
    Figure 204. Web GUI - email notification about graph failure
    Email notification about graph success
    listeners sendEmailOnSuccess
    Figure 205. Web GUI - email notification about graph success
    Backup of data processed by graph
    listeners backupData
    Figure 206. Web GUI - backup of data processed by graph