Embedded Apache Derby

    The Apache Derby embedded DB is used with a default CloverDX Server installation. It uses the working directory as a storage for data persistence by default. This may be a problem on some systems. If a problem occurs with connecting to Derby DB, we recommend you configure a connection to external DB or at least specify the Derby home directory:

    Configure the derby.system.home system property to set path which is accessible for application server. You can specify this system property with this JVM execution parameter:


    Example of a properties file configuration:


    Take a closer look at the jdbc.url parameter. The databases/cloverDb part means a subdirectory for DB data. This subdirectory will be created in the directory which is set as derby.system.home (or in the working directory if derby.system.home is not set). You may change the default value databases/cloverDb.

    A Derby JDBC 4 compliant driver is bundled with CloverDX Server, thus there is no need to add it on the classpath.

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