34. Server Configuration Migration

    CloverDX Server provides means to migrate its configuration (e.g. event listeners, schedules, etc.) or parts of the configuration between separate instances of the Server. A typical use case is deployment from test environment to production - this involves not only deployment of graphs, but also copying parts of the configuration, such as file event listeners, etc.

    Configuration migration is performed in 2 steps - export of the configuration from the source Server, followed by import of the configuration at the destination Server. After exporting, the configuration is stored as an XML file. The file can be modified manually before import, for example to migrate only parts of the configuration. Additionally, the configuration file can be stored in a versioning system (such as Subversion or Git) for versioning of the CloverDX Server configuration.

    Configuration is automatically imported from sandbox_configuration.xml files when creating a new sandbox. For more details see Sandbox Configuration Import.

    It is recommended to perform import of configuration on a suspended CloverDX Server and to plan for maintenance. Additionally, it is recommended to backup the CloverDX Server configuration database before the import.

    The following items are parts of the Server Configuration and can be migrated between servers: