Encryption of Access Password

    CloverDX supports encryption of passwords.

    Why Encryption?

    If you do not encrypt your access password, it remains stored and visible in the configuration file (shared connection) or in the graph itself (internal connection).

    Unless you are the only person with an access to your graph and computer, we recommend to encrypt it, since the password allows access to the database in question.

    In case you give someone any of your graphs, you do not have to give them the access password to the whole database. This is why it is possible to encrypt your access password. Without this option, you would be at great risk of an intrusion into your database or of some other damage caused by unauthorized access.

    Encrypting the Database Passwords

    To encrypt a database password use Secure parameters. (See Secure Graph Parameters). Store the password in the parameter and use the parameter in the connection dialog instead of the password.

    db connection 0410
    Figure 197. Using password from secure graph parameter

    If you would like to return to your access password, you can do it by typing the password into the Database connection dialog and clicking OK.