Add column

    Add column step allows you to add a new empty column of given data type to the specified position in your data set. All rows will have No value in the new column (the value of the column in each row will be null). To populate the column with data, use other steps.

    • New column name: required, the name of your desired column. Name can contain special characters (like spaces) - new technical name for the column will be derived by replacing those with underscore character "_".

    • New column type: required, the data type the new column (string, date, integer, decimal, boolean).

    • Position of the new column: defines where the new column is added:

      • As the last column: insert the column after the last column in the data set.

      • As the first column: insert the column before the first column in the data set.

      • After column: insert the column after selected column in the data set.


    To add a decimal column called Late fee after Invoice amount column, use the following settings:

    add column