3. System Requirements


    This section outlines the hardware resources needed to run CloverDX Designer. The listed specifications provide a baseline for functionality, with recommendations for optimal performance.

    Table 1. Hardware requirements for CloverDX Designer
    Resource Requirements


    4 GB; 8 GB or more for optimal performance


    Dual-core CPU; quad core CPU for optimal performance

    Disk space (installation)

    1 GB

    Disk space (data)

    1 GB (minimum; depending on data)


    This section details the operating systems and Java versions supported by CloverDX Designer.

    Table 2. Supported operating systems
    Operating system Note

    Microsoft Windows

    MS Windows 10 or 11, 64-bit.


    macOS 13 (Ventura) or newer, running on Apple Silicon (M1, M2 or M3 CPUs) or Intel CPUs. Apple Silicon is recommended - a native build is provided since CloverDX 6.4.


    Linux 64-bit with GTK+ 3.22.0 or newer. While we primarily test on Ubuntu, the Designer should work on all modern Linux distributions.

    Table 3. Supported Java versions
    Java Notes

    Eclipse Temurin JDK[1]

    Eclipse Temurin JDK 17, 64-bit (formerly AdoptOpenJDK), which can be downloaded from the following site:


    CloverDX Designer requires a Java Development Kit (JDK). Running with just JRE is not supported.

    Windows and macOS installers include all the needed dependencies. When installing the Designer on a Linux OS, Eclipse Temurin JDK 17 needs to be downloaded separately, and the JAVA_HOME path set to point to it.