Remove non-ASCII characters

    Remove non-ASCII characters removes all characters that are not in US ASCII encoding.

    • Input column: required, a string column containing input text.

    • Target column: required, configure the column which will receive the output. Output will always be of string type.

      • Write result to the current column: overwrite the input column with the result.

      • Create new column with name: create a new column with specified name. Name of the new column can contain spaces or special characters - technical column name will be created automatically. The new column will be placed right after the input column.

    Input value Output value Description

    Voyez le brick géant que j’examine.

    Voyez le brick gant que j’examine

    Only the "é" is a non-US ASCII character therefore it was removed

    Příšerný žluťoučký kůň úpěl ďábelské ódy.

    Pern luouk k pl belsk dy.

    This string has many non-US ASCII characters therefore many parts were removed


    "" (empty string)

    Japanese text does not contain any ASCII characters and is completely removed.

    No value

    No value

    Calling the step on No value returns No value.



    Calling the step on Error returns Error.

    • Calling the step on No value returns No value.

    • Calling the step on cell with an Error returns Error.