Microsoft SQL Server

    Creating Database

    CloverDX Server Setup

    Creating Database

    It is advised to use SQL Server Authentication instead of Windows Authentication. To enable it, select the server instance in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio: go to Properties  Security  Server authentication and select the SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode. The server instance needs to be restarted.

    Make sure you have:

    • TCP/IP Enabled in SQL Server Network Configuration  Protocols

    • TCP Port set to 1433 in TCP/IP Properties  IP Addresses  IPAll

    1. Create a new database

      CREATE DATABASE clover_db;
    2. Enable Read Committed Snapshot Isolation on the new database

    3. Create a new login role.

      CREATE LOGIN clover WITH PASSWORD = 'clover', DEFAULT_DATABASE = clover_db;
    4. Connect to the database.

      USE clover_db;
    5. Create a new database user.

      CREATE USER clover FOR LOGIN clover;
    6. Add a database role membership db_owner (Members of the db_owner fixed database role can perform all configuration and maintenance activities on the database, and can also drop the database).

      EXEC sp_addrolemember 'db_owner','clover';

    CloverDX Server Setup

    Using MS SQL requires configuration of the database server:

    1. Run Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio tool;

    2. Create a new user under Security/Logins;

    3. Under Databases create a new database (e.g. 'clover') for CloverDX Server, select the user from the previous step as owner of the database;

    4. Under database Options, set the Is Read Committed Snapshot On option to True.

    Example of a properties file configuration:

    Add a JDBC 4 compliant driver on the application server classpath. A JDBC driver that does not meet the JDBC 4 specifications will not work properly.

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