13. CloverDX Server Integration

    Preferences of CloverDX Server Integration allow you to tweak communication between Designer and Server.

    server integration 010
    Figure 23. CloverDX Server Integration
    Table 5. General configuration
    Option Description Default Value

    Enable File Placeholders

    Enables usage of placeholder files. The placeholder file serves to save your disk space and to speed up synchronization in server projects. The files with a size above the specified limit are replaced with placeholder files (in Designer).

    Usually, you do not need to see the content of these files and you do not commit them into repository. See CloverDX Server Project.


    Placeholder Size Threshold

    Files above this threshold are replaced with placeholder files. The size is in MB.


    Synchronization Threads Limit

    The maximum number of threads used for synchronization between CloverDX Designer and CloverDX Server. Using more threads can speed up synchronization in networks with high latency.


    Synchronization Cache Size

    While downloading files from CloverDX Server during synchronization, the content of files is cached in memory to improve the performance. This parameter sets the cache size.


    Request Timeout

    A request timeout of connection to CloverDX Server. The request timeout is in seconds.


    Connect Timeout

    Timeout of the connection to CloverDX Server. The timeout is in seconds.


    Close server connection after each request

    Enables closing the connection to the server after each request. Used for performance tuning.


    Restart CloverDX Designer to use new timeout values.