CloverDX Server Activation Alternatives

    If, for any reason, you decide to not use the recommended way of installing the server license, you can choose one of the following options:

    Activation Using license.file Property
    1. Download the license.dat file.

    2. Set the CloverDX Server license.file parameter to the full path of the license.dat file.

      For list of properties, see List of Configuration Properties.

    3. Restart the application server.

    Separate License WAR

    A simple approach, but it may be used only for a standalone Server running on Apache Tomcat.

    1. Download the clover-license.war web archive file.

    2. Copy clover-license.war to the [tomcat_home]/webapps directory.

    3. The war file should be detected and deployed automatically without restarting Tomcat.

    4. Check whether the license web-app is running on:

      http://[host]:[port]/clover-license/ (Note: clover-license contextPath is mandatory and cannot by changed.)

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