Environment Variables

    Environment variables are parameters that are not defined in CloverDX, they are defined in the operating system.

    You can get the values of these environment variables using the same expression that can be used for all other parameters.

    • To get the value of environment variable called PATH, use the following expression:


      Use single quotes when referring to path environment variables, especially on Windows. This is necessary to avoid conflicts between double quotes delimiting the string value of the variable, and possible double quotes contained within the value itself.

    • To get the value of a variable whose name contains dots (e.g,, replace each dot with an underscore character and type:

      '${java_io_tmpdir} '

      Note that the terminal single quote must be preceded by a white space since itself ends with a backslash and we do not want to get an escape sequence (\'). With this white space we will get \ ' at the end.

      Use single quotes to avoid escape sequences in Windows paths.