Validate if not empty

    The Validate if not empty step allows you to identify all empty values (see working with empty values) in the specified columns and mark them as validation errors. All invalid rows are automatically rejected at the end of the job and written to the reject file. See Job Run Details for more information on reject files and fixing errors for our recommendations on how to deal with data errors.

    • Columns to validate: required, select one or more columns to test whether they are empty or not. If multiple columns are selected, all of them must have non-empty values for the row to be considered valid.

    • Error message: specify the error message that will be associated with the validated values of the columns that are empty. If multiple columns have empty values, all of them will be marked as invalid. This error message will be displayed when hovering over an identified empty value in the data set and included as the reject reason in the reject file. It defaults to "Value cannot be empty".


    The step was configured to identify empty values in a column containing email addresses.

    Input value Result Description


    The value is not empty.

    No value


    An empty value is identified.

    "    " (all spaces)


    Space characters are not considered empty values. Use isBlank function and Validate with formula step to validate value like this.