Server Logs

    Server Logs tab allows user to investigate log messages logged on other Cluster nodes. Since the log messages are collected in memory, the maximum number of collected messages is relatively low by default, however it’s customizable.

    There are different "Log types":

    • COMMON - Ordinary server logs as stored in log files. It contains information on successful and unsuccessful logins, start and end of job execution etc.

    • WORKER - Worker related log.

      The log file is ${}/cloverlogs/worker-[node_name].log.

    • CLUSTER - Only Cluster - related messages are visible in this log. It contains information on job delegation and other types of messages related to Cluster communication.

    • AUDIT - Detail logging of operations called on the CloverDX Server Core. Since the full logging may affect server performance, it’s disabled by default. See Server Audit Logs for details

      The log file is ${}/cloverlogs/user-action.log.

    • USER_ACTION - Contains some of user operations, e.g. login, logout, user creation, job execution, file synchronization (upload to server)

      The corresponding log file is ${}/cloverlogs/user-action.log.

    • SERVER_INTERACTION - Interaction between Designer and Server.

      The log file is ${}/cloverlogs/server-integration.log.

      Figure 92. Server Logs

    See also: Logging.