Node cannot access the sandboxes home directory

    The sandboxes home directory is a place where shared sandboxes are located (configured by sandboxes.home server property). The directory can be on a local or network file system. If the directory is not accessible, it is a serious problem preventing the node from working correctly (e.g. jobs cannot be executed and run). In such a case the affected node must be suspended to prevent jobs from being sent to it.

    The suspended node can be resumed when the directory is accessible again, see the Auto-Resuming in Unreliable Network section.

    Timeline describing the scenario:

    • sandboxes home is connected to a remote file system

    • the connection to the file system is lost

    • periodic check is executed trying to access the directory

    • if the check fails, the node is suspended

    The following configuration properties set the time intervals mentioned above:


    Periodicity of sandboxes home checks, in milliseconds.

    Default: 20000


    Accessing sandboxes home timeout, in milliseconds.

    Default: 600000

    Be careful, setting the timeout value too low might force the node under a heavy load to suspend even if the sandboxes home is actually available.