Types of CloverDX Projects

    CloverDX (Local) Project

    CloverDX Server Project

    CloverDX (Local) Project

    CloverDX Project is a local CloverDX project. The whole project structure is only on your local computer. All data and graphs reside locally in a project in a workspace, graphs runs locally with help of CloverDX Runtime.

    Local projects can be easily versioned with version system of your choice (Git, Mercurial, SVN, Bazaar, CVS, etc.).

    CloverDX Server Project

    CloverDX Server Project is a CloverDX project corresponding to a CloverDX Server sandbox. The whole project structure is on CloverDX Server. The files are on the Server and on your local computer.

    You save the file locally and CloverDX Designer synchronizes its content with CloverDX Server. When a file is created on the server, the file content is automatically downloaded and you see it in Designer.

    You can choose files that will not be synchronized with the Server. These files are chosen according to the file name. For example, you can avoid downloading the data-tmp directory. See Ignored Files.

    You can avoid downloading files above specified size limit with help of placeholder files.

    Placeholder Files

    Placeholder file is a dummy file in Designer. A file exceeding a user-defined size limit becomes a placeholder file. The placeholder file can be viewed in Project Explorer, but it cannot be modified within Eclipse. The file content only exists on CloverDX Server. When you open the placeholder file, you can view the several lines from the file in a special editor.

    Placeholder file saves disk space - you download files up to specified size. The files exceeding the limit are displayed in Project Explorer as placeholder files: you see that the file exists, but its content is only on the Server. You can download the content of placeholder file from CloverDX Server explicitly. The file size limit can be changed in CloverDX Server Integration.

    As you copy, move, rename, or delete the placeholder file, the corresponding file on CloverDX Server is copied, moved, renamed, or deleted.

    project 0010
    Figure 48. Placeholder File
    Placeholder vs. placeholder file

    We use two similar terms in our documentation: placeholders and placeholder files.

    Placeholder is a replaceable part of a text - variable. It is used within configuration, mostly in the CloverDX Server documentation.

    Placeholder file is a mock-up of a data file. You can view the placeholder file in Project Explorer in Designer, but the file content is only on the Server.

    Graph Run

    The graphs run on the CloverDX Server, therefore you need working connection to the Server to run graphs.


    As the project files are available on your computer, the projects can be versioned with your preferred versioning system, e.g. SVN or Git. See Versioning of Server Project Content

    Legacy RSE Server Projects

    There is an older, legacy type of CloverDX Server Projects, so-called RSE Server Projects. These are not supported from CloverDX 5.10. The old RSE Server Projects cannot be opened and used anymore. If you try to open such a project, you will get the following error:

    rse project open
    Figure 49. Opening legacy CloverDX Server Project

    However, you will not lose your data as the old project was basically just a link to the CloverDX Server, where the data actually reside. You can create new CloverDX Server Project to connect to the same sandbox and continue your work there. You can open Properties of the old project to find connection information, e.g. which sandbox was used by it:

    rse project properties
    Figure 50. Legacy CloverDX Server Project properties