Ceiling step rounds the number up to the nearest integer. Negative numbers are rounded towards zero while positive numbers are rounded away from zero.

    • Input column: a decimal column.

    • Target column: configure the column which will receive the output. Output will always be of decimal type.

      • Write result to the current column: overwrite the input column with the result.

      • Create new column with name: create a new column with specified name. Name of the new column can contain spaces or special characters - technical column name will be created automatically. The new column will be placed right after the input column.

    Input value Output value Description



    Positive numbers are rounded away from zero.



    Negative numbers are rounded towards zero.

    No value


    Calling Ceiling on an empty value results in an error.

    • Applying the step to No value cells (cells containing null) will result in an error.

    See also
    • Floor step to round numbers down to the nearest integer.

    • Round step to round numbers to provided number of decimal places.

    • Truncate step to remove decimal portion of a number.

    • ceil function in CTL.