Run Configuration

    Main Tab

    Parameters Tab

    Refresh Tab

    Run Configuration is per graph configuration of an execution of a particular graph. Each graph can have one or more Run Configuration(s).

    Run configuration is accessible from the main menu Run  Run Configurations.

    Run Configuration vs CloverDX Runtime

    Run configuration is per graph configuration. It can override graph parameters, change the debug level, etc. It cannot change JVM settings or define external libraries to be used.

    CloverDX Runtime configuration is per workspace configuration. It can change JVM settings (e.g. heap size) or specify external libraries to be used.

    Since introduction of CloverDX Runtime, the majority of graph configuration is done per workspace using Runtime Configuration. See Runtime Configuration.

    Main Tab

    Select Run Configurations from the context menu and set up the options in the Main tab.

    run configuration 010
    Figure 85. Run Configuration - Main Tab

    You can check some checkboxes that define the following Program arguments:

    • Log level (-loglevel <option>)

      Defines one of the following: ALL | TRACE | DEBUG | INFO | WARN | ERROR | FATAL | OFF.

      Default Log level is INFO for CloverDX Designer, but DEBUG for CloverDX Engine.

    • Skip checkConfig (-skipcheckconfig)

      Skips checking the graph configuration before running the graph.

    • Delete obsolete temp files

      NOTE: Jobflow only.

      Before your jobflow is executed, tmp files from older jobflow runs on CloverDX Server will be deleted. When you execute a graph/jobflow from Designer, the DEBUG mode is always invoked, which is why the temp files are kept on the Server.

    Parameters Tab

    On the Parameters tab, you can override graph parameter values. This lets you run the graph with different parameter values, e.g. for testing purposes.

    run configuration 020
    Figure 86. Run Configuration - Parameters Tab

    Refresh Tab

    On the Refresh tab, you can specify resources to be refreshed after the execution of the graph. This configuration is per graph. If you need configuration of refresh per project, see Refresh Operation.

    run configuration 030
    Figure 87. Run Configuration - Refresh tab