Extracting Metadata from Salesforce

    To extract metadata from Salesforce object, right click an edge and select New metadata  Extract from salesforce from context menu.

    A wizard for metadata extraction from Salesforce opens.

    In the first step, select an existing Salesforce connection or create a new one.

    metadata 510
    Figure 184. Extract metadata from Salesforce - specify connection

    In the second step, enter an SOQL query. You can use Workbench,, to create an SOQL query and then paste the query to this metadata extraction wizard.

    metadata 520
    Figure 185. Extract metadata from Salesforce - enter SOQL query

    In the last step, check the created metadata. In this step, you can do some customization, e.g. you can rename the record.

    metadata 530
    Figure 186. Extract metadata from Salesforce - edit created metadata