Remove accents

    Remove accents removes all accents from the text by converting all accented characters into the same character without an accent.

    • Input column: required, a string column containing input text.

    • Target column: required, configure the column which will receive the output. Output will always be of string type.

      • Write result to the current column: overwrite the input column with the result.

      • Create new column with name: create a new column with specified name. Name of the new column can contain spaces or special characters - technical column name will be created automatically. The new column will be placed right after the input column.

    Input value Output value Description

    Côte d’Azure

    Cote d’Azure

    "ô" → "o". Apostrophe is not removed since it is not an accent.



    "ü" → "u"

    No value

    No value

    Calling the step on No value returns No value.



    Calling the step on Error returns Error.

    • Calling the step on No value returns No value.

    • Calling the step on cell with an Error returns Error.