IBM InfoSphere MDM Plugin Installation


    IBM InfoSphere MDM Components for CloverDX Server are downloaded as a ZIP file containing the extension. The ZIP file is available for download under your account on in Downloads area, under the CloverDX Server Utilities & Extras section:

    • for IBM InfoSphere MDM 11.6

    • for IBM InfoSphere MDM 12.0

    Installation into Server

    The following steps are needed to install IBM InfoSphere MDM Components into CloverDX Server:

    1. Install CloverDX Server, see its documentation for details.

    2. Download the ZIP file with IBM InfoSphere MDM Components for the Server and store it on the system where CloverDX Server is installed. For the download instructions, see Downloading.

    3. The ZIP file contains a CloverDX plugin. Your Server installation needs to be configured to find and load the plugin from the ZIP file. This is done by setting the engine.plugins.additional.src Server configuration property to the absolute path of the ZIP file, e.g. engine.plugins.additional.src=../opt/CloverDX/ibm-mdm-12.0-connectors.${version}.zip (in case the Server is configured via property file).

      Details for setting the configuration property depend on your Server installation specifics, application server used, etc. See CloverDX Server documentation for details. Typically the property would be set similarly to how you set-up the properties for connection to the Server’s database. Updating the configuration property usually requires restart of the Server.

    4. To verify that the plugin was loaded successfully, log into the Server’s Reporting Console and look in the Configuration  CloverDX Info  Plugins page. In the list of plugins, you should see cloverdx.engine.initiate.

    It is not possible to install multiple versions of IBM InfoSphere MDM plugin into one CloverDX Server.


    If you get an Unknown component or Unknown connection error when running a graph with IBM InfoSphere MDM components, it means that the IBM InfoSphere MDM Components plugin was not loaded by the Server successfully. Please check the above steps to install the plugin, especially the path to the ZIP file.