18. Designer User Interface

    The CloverDX perspective consists of 5 panes:

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    Figure 31. CloverDX Perspective
    • Graph Editor with Palette of Components is in the upper right part of the window.

      In this pane, you can create your graphs. Palette of Components serves to select components, move them into the Graph Editor, connect them with edges. This pane has two tabs. (See Graph Editor with Palette of Components.)

    • The Project Explorer pane is in the upper left part of the window.

      There are folders and files of your projects in this pane. You can expand or collapse them and open any graph by double-clicking its item. (See Project Explorer Pane.)

    • The Outline pane is in the lower left part of the window.

      The pane contains all parts of the graph that is opened in the Graph Editor. (See Outline Pane.)

    • The Tabs pane is in the bottom of the window.

      You can see the data parsing process in these tabs. (See Tabs Pane.)

    • Execution tab is in the right bottom corner.

      You can see the details of graph execution here.