Keyboard Shortcuts

    Access to the frequently used dialogs can be sped up using keyboard shortcuts - see the list below. The list does not contain well known shortcuts not related to CloverDX Designer (e.g. Ctrl+C, etc.).

    • Alt+Shift+N - open a new file.

    • Alt+Shift+Q - open Show View.

    • Alt+Shift+Q, O - open Show View - Outline.

    • Alt+Shift+Q, Q - open Show View - Other

    • Ctrl+double-click - if it is performed on:

      a component - the primary attribute of the component is opened; if the component does not have a primary attribute defined, the component dialog is opened;

      the Subgraph component - the subgraph is opened;

      the Rungraph component - the graph is opened.

    • Ctrl+B - build all.

    • Ctrl+F - find a string in a text editor.

    • Ctrl+H - open Search dialog. See Search Functionality.

    • Ctrl+L - jump to the line in a text editor.

    • Ctrl+N - open the wizard for a new item (project, file, graph, jobflow, etc.)

    • Ctrl+O - open Find Components dialog. See Finding Components.

    • Ctrl+R - run the graph on the currently active tab.

    • Ctrl+S - save a graph, text, etc.

    • Ctrl+Y - make the redo action.

    • Ctrl+Z - make the undo action.

    • Ctrl+F11 - run a graph on a currently active tab or last launch configuration. If you close a graph and have no graph opened, you can rerun it using Ctrl+F11.

    • Ctrl+Shift+L - Key Assist.

    • Ctrl+Shift+W - close all opened files.

    • F11 - debug.

    • Shift+Space - open Add Component dialog. See Adding Components.

    • Shift+D - disable component. See Enable/Disable Component.

    • Shift+E - enable component. See Enable/Disable Component.

    • Shift+T - disable as Trash. See Enable/Disable Component.