Edit JMS Connection Wizard

    Edit JMS Connection dialog enables to set up JMS connection.

    The dialog can be opened from Outline Pane (See Creating Internal JMS Connections) or from Project Explorer (See Creating External (Shared) JMS Connections).

    The Edit JMS connection wizard contains eight text areas that must be filled:

    • Name - name of the connection

    • Initial ctx [context] factory class - fully qualified name of the factory class creating the initial context

    • Libraries - use the plus button to add libraries

    • URL

    • Connection factory JNDI name - implements javax.jms.ConnectionFactory interface

    • Destination JNDI - implements javax.jms.Destination interface

    • User - your authentication username

    • Password - password to receive and/or produce the messages

    • Validate connection Validates the connection. The connection is validated locally even if the project is remote.

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    Figure 199. Edit JMS Connection Wizard

    If you are creating the external (shared) JMS connection, you must select a filename for this external (shared) JMS connection and its location.