Passing Data Through Disabled Component

    If a component is disabled, data is passed to the next component according to the edges. Components can pass data through only if the components are disabled. Disabling is described in the section Enable/Disable Component.

    In general, PassThrough does not have to be configured. It works out of the box.

    Configuration of PassThrough is required, if it is necessary to pass data through to a different port. See the following graph.

    components 010
    Figure 141. With Default PassThrough

    No component that could receive data is connected to the first output port of SimpleCopy. Trash lacks an input edge. These components need to be connected together.

    Set the attribute Pass Through Output Port of SimpleCopy to Port 1. Records will be passed to the second output port.

    components 020
    Figure 142. With PassThrough to second Output Port