Jump Statements

    Sometimes you need to control the process in a different way than by decision based on the Condition value. To do that, you have the following options:

    Break Statement

    If you want to jump out of a loop or of a switch, you can use the following statement in the program:

    • break;

    The processing of a loop (or switch) is relinquished and it continues with Statements following the loop or switch.

    Continue Statement

    If you want to stop processing of some iteration and go to next one, you can use the following statement in the program:

    • continue;

    The processing jumps to the end of a loop, iteration is performed (in for loop) and the processing continues with next iteration step.

    Return Statement

    In the functions, you can use the return word either alone or along with an expression. (See the following two options below.)

    The return statement can be in any place within the function. There may also be multiple return statements among which a specific one is executed depending on a condition, etc.

    • return;
    • return expression;