Data Target Connector Best Practices

    • If your target supports rejects, we recommend that you return rejected records using the optional reject port.

    • Propagate the same value as the wrangelerId input field to the output field. It serves as an identifier of records for the reject file generated by running the Wrangler job.

    • Try to describe the actual error message as descriptively as possible to help users resolve the error.

    • Consider how the data target reacts to existing data (append or re-write functionality) and failures (continue on error or stop processing).

    • If you do not define the input metadata, your data target should be able to process any input data. However, if you need to ensure that the data structure and data types are set correctly, assign the input metadata. Wrangler users will then set the data in the correct format. In any case, if your target needs any additional validations, implement them before writing to the target to help users with error handling.