59. Initialization Jobs (pre-generating metadata)

    A library can contain a so-called initialization job, which can be used to perform an initial setup that cannot be done during library development. An Initialization job can be any graph or jobflow that has been designated as an initialization job during library export. For example, in our CloverDX Marketplace OneDriveLib library, an initialization graph is used to generate values for SharePoint Site ID and Drive ID parameters, which are dependent on the configured OAuth2 connection.

    Initialization jobs are usually executed by a CloverDX Server administrator during Library installation & initialization as one of the last steps or on demand anytime later (when a refresh is needed due to configuration changes). For more information on how to execute an initialization job, see Initialization Jobs.

    Initialization jobs must be designed to be run repeatedly. This may be necessary, for example, when changing library configuration.

    Initialization job examples:

    • Our HubSpotLib library uses initialization job to determine metadata for its connectors. Every HubSpot instance is different and can have different custom fields for various objects (like deals, contacts or companies). The library needs initialization to be able to query the structure of each such entity so that each connector can provide accurate metadata on its output. The job needs to be called once after the library has been installed and must be called when HubSpot entities have been updated (e.g., a custom field is added).

    • Our OneDriveLib library uses initialization job to generate SharePoint Site ID and Drive ID parameters that can only be determined once the library OAuth2 connection is configured.