Data Target Connector Requirements

    To export a subgraph as a Data Target Connector, the following conditions need to be met:

    • Subgraph name must be unique within the library; i.e., its name in the graph Properties must not exist in a different subgraph.

    libraries dev name property target
    Figure 347. Subgraph name property
    • Subgraph must have exactly 1 input port.

    • Input port metadata is optional. Providing metadata on input port enables mapping in Wrangler. If metadata is specified on input port, it must contain a field called wranglerId of type long. This field is used to link your transformation data to errors reported by the target when generating the reject file.

    library wranglerId
    Figure 348. WranglerId metadata field
    • Input metadata can only contain fields of types: string, long, date, boolean, and decimal (length=32, scale=10 only).

    libraries dev targets decimal
    • Subgraph may have 1 output port which will be used as a “reject” port to collect errors raised by the connector itself.

    • If a reject port is used, it must use metadata created from the edge template called ConnectorTarget_Rejects (right-click on your edge and navigate to New Metadata From Template > ConnectorTarget_Rejects). This metadata must not be modified.

    libraries dev metadata template
    Figure 349. ConnectorTarget_Rejects metadata template
    libraries dev targets reject metadata
    Figure 350. ConnectorTarget_Rejects metadata