Data Source Connector Requirements

    To export a subgraph as a Data Source Connector, the following conditions need to be met:

    • Subgraph name must be unique within the library; i.e., its name in the subgraph Properties must not exist in a different subgraph.

    libraries dev name property source
    Figure 343. Subgraph name property
    • Subgraph cannot have any input port.

    • Subgraph must have exactly 1 output port.

    • Output metadata must be declared: either auto-propagated or statically assigned.

    • Output metadata can only contain fields of types: string, long, integer, date, decimal, number, and boolean to adhere to Wrangler’s requirements.

      • If the metadata structure cannot be universally defined; e.g., it depends on a particular configuration of a source system, then you can design a specific graph or jobflow that would be used as an initialization job to generate the metadata structure after library installation. See Initialization Jobs (pre-generating metadata) for more information.

    • Subgraph must expose a parameter called NUM_OF_PREVIEW_RECORDS. This parameter is used to limit the number of returned records in the Data Preview when viewing connector details in the Data Catalog or My Sources, which considerably enhances preview performance.