54. Introduction

    A CloverDX library is a redistributable package, which can contain reusable graphs, subgraphs, jobflows, data services, or metadata. Libraries offer significant improvements to code reusability and sharing in CloverDX products. Because libraries can be installed multiple times, they provide an easy option to quickly clone your solutions and set them up with different parameters and permissions to control users' visibility and allowed operations for individual libraries.

    Libraries are developed in CloverDX Designer as regular projects, which are then exported to a library .clib file. During the library export, the author selects which elements will be public, i.e., available to all users in CloverDX Server, CloverDX Designer, or CloverDX Wrangler after the library is deployed, configured, and enabled in CloverDX Server. We call these elements of the library public interface.

    Public elements can be:

    • Subgraphs

    • Metadata

    • Graphs, jobflows, and data services

    Other elements in the exported project will be internal and will be used as sub-routines in the public ones.

    You can design your libraries or take advantage of our ready-to-use libraries in the CloverDX Marketplace repository, which includes solutions to quickly integrate with interfaces like Hubspot or Google Drive, or solutions that can help you easily encrypt and decrypt your data or implement Python scripts.