65. Live Debugging and Testing

    When using a subgraph from a library during job development in CloverDX Designer, it behaves as a black box, and users cannot view or modify the library’s internal design. However, in certain situations, it can be helpful to examine the execution directly within the library, especially when debugging a subgraph.

    To facilitate this process, it is possible to add any installed library from CloverDX Server to CloverDX Designer in the same way as connecting to any other server project.

    • In CloverDX Designer, navigate to File → New → CloverDX Server Project, and provide the connection details to the Server environment. In the following step, select the desired library. It is important to note that to import the library to CloverDX Designer, the user must have the necessary permission to manage libraries. Access to libraries is managed by CloverDX Server administrators; for more information refer here.

    • Once the library has been added, developers can interact with it just like any other sandbox, including making direct changes to the codebase.

    When a library project is modified this way, all the performed changes are removed when the library is reinstalled in CloverDX Server. If you want to make sure that your changes are not be removed, export the modified library project to a new library .clib file and (re)install it in CloverDX Server.