61. Database/JDBC Connections

    • To use a database connection in your library, provide all the connection details as parameters. This will make your library more flexible and reusable.

    • Specify the connection parameters in the connection details. This will ensure that your library can connect to the database without errors.

    libraries dev db conn
    Figure 338. Edit DB Connection dialog - parameters used for connection details.
    libraries dev db conn server
    Figure 339. Connection parameters from Server UI, the values will be propagated into the connection.
    • Store the connection parameters in a library.prm parameter file. This will allow you to set the database connection in the CloverDX Server UI and manage it centrally.

    • Use secure parameters for any sensitive information, such as passwords. This will protect your data from unauthorized access and comply with security best practices.

    • If possible, let users choose the JDBC connection name. This will give them more control over the database connection and avoid conflicts with other connections.