Chapter 12. Configuration

    CloverDX Server Integration

    Figure 12.1. CloverDX Server Integration

    Table 12.1. General configuration

    OptionDescriptionDefault Value
    Edge debug temp directory
    Use alternate debug folderAllows the user to specify the path to an alternate folder containing edge debug files (.dbg).disabled
    OpenSSH configuration file
    Use OpenSSH configuration file Specifies the location of the OpenSSH configuration file which allows you to define SSH access outside of CloverDX Designer. The path to the file is ~/path/to/.ssh/ssh_config There is no default file; therefore, without proper specification, no configuration file is loaded. Enabling/disabling this option requires restart of the CloverDX Designer runtime to take effect. disabled
    Show component iconSwitches component icons on or off.enabled
    Show component backgroundEnables or disables the background color of components.enabled
    Auto-resize componentsAutomatically adjusts components' size to fit their name.enabled
    Show component description

    Displays or hides components' description in a graph. If Display default component description is disabled, only user-defined description is visible.

    Display default component description

    When Show component description is enabled, it shows the components' default description (e.g. path to the file in Readers or Writers).

    Route edges to avoid overlapEnables or disables different edge-routing algorithm.enabled
    Show rich tooltipsEnables or disables detailed tooltips on edges.enabled
    Check graph configuration

    Enables or disables graph configuration check. Without checking, errors on components are not displayed.

    Show graph configuration errors/warnings in Project Explorer

    Allows to suppress detected configuration errors and warnings in Project Explorer and Problems views.

    Detect unused graph elements

    Enables or disables updates and reporting of used/unused graph elements. Disabling can solve some specific performance issues.

    Validate classpath

    Checks whether the content of the classpath file is valid for both Designer and Server. Can be disabled in case it significantly slows down the working process (opening new projects, etc.) or indicates false positives.

    Generate component ID from its nameGenerates component identifier based on its name.enabled
    Open context menu for newly created edge

    Opens the context menu after creating an edge between two components. In the menu, you can select metadata for the edge.