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    Short Description

    Concatenate receives unsorted data records from multiple inputs.

    It gathers input records starting with the first input port, continuing with the next one and ending with the last port. Within each input port, the records order is preserved.

    ComponentSame input metadataSorted inputsInputsOutputsJavaCTLAuto-propagated metadata


    Port typeNumberRequiredDescriptionMetadata
    Input0For input data recordsAny
    1-nFor input data recordsInput 0
    Output0For gathered data recordsInput 0

    At least one input port has to be connected. Any other input port can be disabled (changed in 4.1.0-M1).


    Metadata can be propagated through this component.

    Metadata of all input ports must be the same.


    First, the component receives all of the records incoming through the first input port, sends all of them to the common output port and, subsequently, adds to them all of the records incoming through the next input port. If the component has more than two input ports, the records are received and sent to the output according to the order of the input ports.

    If some of the input ports contain no records, such port is skipped.


    VersionCompatibility Notice

    Until 4.0.x, you can disable only the last input or output port(s) of Concatenate, e.g. you can disable the third and fourth input port, but you cannot disable the first one.


    You can now disable any input or output port provided there is at least one input and output port.