Locale and Locale Sensitivity

    Various data types (date and time, any numeric values, strings) can be displayed, parsed, or formatted in different ways according to the Locale property. For more information, see Locale.

    Strings can also be influenced by Locale sensitivity. See Locale Sensitivity.


    Locale represents a specific geographical, political, or cultural region. An operation that requires a locale to perform its task is called locale-sensitive and uses the locale to tailor information for the user. For example, displaying a number is a locale-sensitive operation as the number should be formatted according to the customs/conventions of the native country, region, or culture of the user.

    Each locale code consists of the language code and country arguments.

    The language argument is a valid ISO Language Code. These codes are the lower-case, two-letter codes as defined by ISO-639.

    The country argument is a valid ISO Country Code. These codes are the upper-case, two-letter codes as defined by ISO-3166.

    Instead of specifying the format parameter (or together with it), you can specify the locale parameter.

    • In strings, instead of setting a format for the whole date field, specify e.g. the German locale. CloverDX will then automatically choose the proper date format used in Germany. If the locale is not specified at all, CloverDX will choose the default one which is given by your system. In order to learn how to change the default locale, refer to Chapter 17, Engine Configuration

    • In numbers, on the other hand, there are cases when both the format and locale parameters are meaningful. In the case of specifying the format of decimal numbers, you define the format/pattern with a decimal separator and the locale determines whether the separator is a comma or a dot. If neither the locale or format is specified, the number is converted to string using a universal technique (without checking defaultProperties). If only the format parameter is given, the default locale is used.

    See also Class Locale for details about locale in Java.

    Example 31.2. Examples of Locale

    en.US or en.GB

    For more examples of formatting affected by changing the locale, see Locale-Sensitive Formatting.

    Dates, too, can have different formats in different locales (even with different countries of the same language). For instance, March 2, 2009 (in the USA) vs. 2 March 2009 (in the UK).

    List of all Locale

    A complete list of the locales supported by CloverDX can be found in a separate table below. The locale format as described above is always "language.COUNTRY".

    Table 31.14. List of all Locale

    Locale codeMeaning
    [system default]Locale determined by your OS
    arArabic language
    ar.AEArabic - United Arab Emirates
    ar.BHArabic - Bahrain
    ar.DZArabic - Algeria
    ar.EGArabic - Egypt
    ar.IQArabic - Iraq
    ar.JOArabic - Jordan
    ar.KWArabic - Kuwait
    ar.LBArabic - Lebanon
    ar.LYArabic - Libya
    ar.MAArabic - Morocco
    ar.OMArabic - Oman
    ar.QAArabic - Qatar
    ar.SAArabic - Saudi Arabia
    ar.SDArabic - Sudan
    ar.SYArabic - Syrian Arab Republic
    ar.TNArabic - Tunisia
    ar.YEArabic - Yemen
    beBelorussian language
    be.BYBelorussian - Belarus
    bgBulgarian language
    bg.BGBulgarian - Bulgaria
    caCatalan language
    ca.ESCatalan - Spain
    csCzech language
    cs.CZCzech - Czech Republic
    daDanish language
    da.DKDanish - Denmark
    deGerman language
    de.ATGerman - Austria
    de.CHGerman - Switzerland
    de.DEGerman - Germany
    de.LUGerman - Luxembourg
    elGreek language
    el.CYGreek - Cyprus
    el.GRGreek - Greece
    enEnglish language
    en.AUEnglish - Australia
    en.CAEnglish - Canada
    en.GBEnglish - Great Britain
    en.IEEnglish - Ireland
    en.INEnglish - India
    en.MTEnglish - Malta
    en.NZEnglish - New Zealand
    en.PHEnglish - Philippines
    en.SGEnglish - Singapore
    en.USEnglish - United States
    en.ZAEnglish - South Africa
    esSpanish language
    es.ARSpanish - Argentina
    es.BOSpanish - Bolivia
    es.CLSpanish - Chile
    es.COSpanish - Colombia
    es.CRSpanish - Costa Rica
    es.DOSpanish - Dominican Republic
    es.ECSpanish - Ecuador
    es.ESSpanish - Spain
    es.GTSpanish - Guatemala
    es.HNSpanish - Honduras
    es.MXSpanish - Mexico
    es.NISpanish - Nicaragua
    es.PASpanish - Panama
    es.PRSpanish - Puerto Rico
    es.PYSpanish - Paraguay
    es.USSpanish - United States
    es.UYSpanish - Uruguay
    es.VESpanish - Venezuela
    etEstonian language
    et.EEEstonian - Estonia
    fiFinnish language
    fi.FIFinnish - Finland
    frFrench language
    fr.BEFrench - Belgium
    fr.CAFrench - Canada
    fr.CHFrench - Switzerland
    fr.FRFrench - France
    fr.LUFrench - Luxembourg
    gaIrish language
    ga.IEIrish - Ireland
    heHebrew language
    he.ILHebrew - Israel
    hi.INHindi - India
    hrCroatian language
    hr.HRCroatian - Croatia
    idIndonesian language
    id.IDIndonesian - Indonesia
    isIcelandic language
    is.ISIcelandic - Iceland
    itItalian language
    it.CHItalian - Switzerland
    it.ITItalian - Italy
    iwHebrew language
    iw.ILHebrew - Israel
    jaJapanese language
    ja.JPJapanese - Japan
    koKorean language
    ko.KRKorean - Republic of Korea
    ltLithuanian language
    lt.LTLithuanian language - Lithuania
    lvLatvian language
    lv.LVLatvian language - Latvia
    mkMacedonian language
    mk.MKMacedonian - The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
    msMalay language
    ms.MYMalay - Burmese
    mtMaltese language
    mt.MTMaltese - Malta
    nlDutch language
    nl.BEDutch - Belgium
    nl.NLDutch - Netherlands
    noNorwegian language
    no.NONorwegian - Norway
    plPolish language
    pl.PLPolish - Poland
    ptPortuguese language
    pt.BRPortuguese - Brazil
    pt.PTPortuguese - Portugal
    roRomanian language
    ro.RORomanian - Romany
    ruRussian language
    ru.RURussian - Russian Federation
    skSlovak language
    sk.SKSlovak - Slovakia
    slSlovenian language
    sl.SISlovenian - Slovenia
    sqAlbanian language
    sq.ALAlbanian - Albania
    srSerbian language
    sr.BASerbian - Bosnia and Herzegowina
    sr.CSSerbian - Serbia and Montenegro
    sr.MESerbian - Serbia (Cyrillic, Montenegro)
    sr.RSSerbian - Serbia (Latin, Serbia)
    svSwedish language
    sv.SESwedish - Sweden
    thThai language
    th.THThai - Thailand
    trTurkish language
    tr.TRTurkish - Turkey
    ukUkrainian language
    uk.UAUkrainian - Ukraine
    vi.VNVietnamese - Vietnam
    zhChinese language
    zh.CNChinese - China
    zh.HKChinese - Hong Kong
    zh.SGChinese - Singapore
    zh.TWChinese - Taiwan

    Locale Sensitivity

    Locale sensitivity can be applied to the string data type only. What is more, the Locale has to be specified either for the field or the whole record.

    Field settings override the Locale sensitivity specified for the whole record.

    Values of Locale sensitivity are the following:

    • base_letter_sensitivity

      Does not distinguish different cases of letters nor letters with diacritic marks.

    • accent_sensitivity

      Does not distinguish different cases of letters. It distinguishes letters with diacritic marks.

    • case_sensitivity

      Distinguishes different cases of letters and letters with diacritic marks. It does not distinguish the letter encoding ("\u00C0" equals to "A\u0300").

    • identical_sensitivity

      Distinguishes the letter encoding ("\u00C0" equals to "A\u0300").