Standard Structure of All CloverDX Projects

    In the CloverDX perspective, there is a Project Explorer pane on the left side of the window. In this pane, you can expand the project folder. After that, you will be presented with the folder structure. There are subfolders for:

    Table 20.1. Standard Folders and Parameters

    PurposeStandard folderStandard parameterParameter usage[1]
    all connectionsconnCONN_DIR${CONN_DIR}
    input datadata-inDATAIN_DIR${DATAIN_DIR}
    output datadata-outDATAOUT_DIR${DATAOUT_DIR}
    temporary datadata-tmpDATATMP_DIR${DATATMP_DIR}
    jobflows (*.jbf)jobflowJOBFLOW_DIR${JOBFLOW_DIR}
    lookup tableslookupLOOKUP_DIR${LOOKUP_DIR}
    profiling jobs (*.cpj)profilePROFILE_DIR${PROFILE_DIR}
    transformation definitions (both source files and classes)transTRANS_DIR${TRANS_DIR}

    [1]  For more information about parameters, see Chapter 35, Parameters, and about their usage, see Using Parameters.


    Remember that using parameters in CloverDX ensures that such a graph, metadata or any other graph element can be used in any place without necessity of its renaming.

    Project Folder Structure inside Project Explorer Pane

    Figure 20.12. Project Folder Structure inside Project Explorer Pane