Extracting Metadata from the Input File

    Metadata is data describing the data structure.

    You can extract metadata from your flat data file or create it by your own. We will show you, how to extract it from input file.

    Right-click the first edge and select New metadataExtract from flat file.

    Extracting Metadata

    Figure 1.15. Extracting Metadata

    A wizard for metadata extraction opens. Use Browse button to open dialog to specify a file.

    Introductory Window of Metadata Editor

    Figure 1.16. Introductory Window of Metadata Editor

    Select the input.dat file in data-in directory and click the OK button.

    Selecting Data File

    Figure 1.17. Selecting Data File

    The Metadata Editor fills up:

    Metadata Editor (Introductory Pane Filled)

    Figure 1.18. Metadata Editor (Introductory Pane Filled)

    Click Next to specify metadata fields.

    Metadata Editor (Editing Pane)

    Figure 1.19. Metadata Editor (Editing Pane)

    As you can see, the wizard guessed that the records consisted of three fields and it also understood that the third field values were integer numbers.

    You can replace the three default field names (Field1, Field2 and Field3) with more descriptive ones: FirstName, LastName and Salary.

    To do that, click the Field1 item and enter the new field name.

    Renaming a Field

    Figure 1.20. Renaming a Field

    Do the same with the other two field names. The result will look like this:

    All Fields Have Been Renamed

    Figure 1.21. All Fields Have Been Renamed

    Now click Finish. This way you have created metadata. The metadata has been assigned to the edge.


    You can extract metadata on edges and on input components.