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    Short Description

    ParquetWriter writes data into Parquet files.

    The component supports file compression, writing to local files, remote files and writing to output port.

    Component Data output Input ports Output ports Transformation Transf. req. Java CTL Auto-propagated metadata
    ParquetWriterParquet file10-3


    Port typeNumberRequiredDescriptionMetadata
    Input0 For records to be written to a Parquet file 
    Output0 For Output Port WritingParquetWriter_Output
    1 For successfully written recordsParquetWriter_Success
    2 For failed recordsParquetWriter_Error

    The output port writing supports both discrete and stream write modes.


    ParquetWriter propagates metadata from input port to output ports 1 and 2.

    Metadata on output port 1 contains URL of the file the record was written to.

    Metadata on output port 2 contains fields for troubleshooting the failure.

    The component has no metadata template.

    The component auto-generates a Parquet schema from the metadata on input port.

    Table 56.10. Fields for troubleshooting failed records

    Field nameData typeDescription
    recordNumberlong Index of the failed record
    fieldNamestring Field that caused the failure
    errorMessagestring Text of the message related to the failure
    stacktracestring The whole stacktrace of the failure

    ParquetWriter Attributes

    AttributeReqDescriptionPossible values
    File URLyesURL to a Parquet file to be written. Output port writing is supported. 
    Parquet schemano

    User customization of CloverDX to Parquet data type conversion.

    By default it is auto-generated from input port metadata.

    Output mappingno Defines the mapping for metadata fields on output port 1.  
    Error mappingno Defines the mapping for metadata fields on output port 2.  
    Create empty files If set to false, prevents the component from creating an empty output file when there are no input records. true (default) | false
    Create directories If set to true, non-existing directories in the File URL attribute path are created. false (default) | true
    Compression type Type of compression used for the output file.snappy (default) | gzip | uncompressed
    Row group size 

    Row group size of the Parquet file format.

    See Apache Parquet documentation for details.

    512MB (default)
    Page size 

    Data page size of the Parquet file format.

    See Apache Parquet documentation for details.

    8KB (default)
    Format version 

    Parquet Data page format version.

    Format version v1 offers better compatibility with other Parquet implementations (where v2 format might not be implemented). Format version v2 produces smaller output files.

    v1 (default) | v2


    The Parquet format attributes Row group size and Page size influence how the data is organized inside the output Parquet file. These attributes can be fine-tuned to optimize output file size or write performance, more details can be found in the Apache Parquet documentation.

    The component holds up to Row group size in heap memory at once.

    The component always overwrites existing target files. Appending to an existing file is not supported.

    Parquet Schema

    The component attribute Parquet schema can be used for customization of CloverDX to Parquet data type conversion. The customization is done in a Parquet schema mapping dialog, shown in Figure 56.17, Parquet file schema dialog.

    In this dialog, you can see all the metadata fields, their types and a target Parquet type. This is an abstraction above Parquet primitive and logical types (as described in Apache Parquet documentation). The mapping of Parquet types to primitive and logical types is described in table Parquet Types. The Parquet type selection offers only those types compatible with the specific CloverDX field data type.

    Parquet file schema dialog

    Figure 56.17. Parquet file schema dialog

    The implicit auto-mapped types are shown in grey italic font, in contrast to manually mapped types, shown in black. If the metadata contains a field with an unsupported data type (e.g. a map), it is shown as Unsupported also in the mapping dialog and the Parquet type selection is disabled. For Integer Parquet type, the dialog shows the bit width also in the main table for quick overview.

    The Parquet schema is stored as a JSON in the job XML. This allows for better readability of the mapping and tracking of changes.

    Table 56.11. Parquet Types

    Parquet TypePrimitive TypeLogical TypeProperties

    INT32 (width <= 32)

    INT64 (width == 64)

    INT(width, signed)

    Bit width (8/16/32/64)


    INT32 (1 <= precision <= 9)

    INT64 (10 <= precision <= 18)

    BYTE_ARRAY (19 <= precision)


    Precision (>=0)

    Scale (>=0)


    INT32 (precision == millis)

    INT64 (precision == micros/nanos)


    Precision (millis/micros/nanos)

    UTC adjustment (true/false)


    Precision (millis/micros/nanos)

    UTC adjustment (true/false)


    BYTE_ARRAY (length is empty)

    FIXED_LEN_BYTE_ARRAY (length is set)

     Length (empty or >0)


    Writing of nested types (lists and maps) are not supported.

    The unsigned INT types and the INT96 primitive type are not supported.

    The UUID logical type is not supported.

    Partitioning (by value, or by record count) is not supported.


    VersionCompatibility Notice

    ParquetWriter is available since 5.10.0.