Chapter 7. Profiler and CloverDX Graphs

    In real projects, profiling data with CloverDX Data Profiler is often just one of the first steps in a more complex workflow. What can follow is using the information gained by profiling to help in data integration, data cleansing or other tasks performed by CloverDX.

    CloverDX is a high-performance data integration platform for moving data between locations, validating and modifying them among others. It uses the concept of a transformation graph defining data transformations, with the graph using other elements such as metadata and database connections.

    There are two approaches to Data Profiler-Designer integration:

    1. Using Data Profiler as a separate feature of CloverDX Designer, within the same application. See Data Profiler Graph Components.

    2. Taking 'shared' elements from your Profiler jobs to CloverDX graphs and using them there. This way, you can share elements such as metadata, DB connections and even export Data Profiler jobs as CloverDX graphs. See Profiler-Designer Element Sharing.