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    Short Description

    SalesforceEinsteinWriter writes data to Salesforce Einstein Analytics data sets. In version 5.13, SalesforceWaveWriter was renamed to SalesforceEinsteinWriter.

    Component Data output Input ports Output ports Transformation Transf. req. Java CTL Auto-propagated metadata


    Port typeNumberRequiredDescriptionMetadata
    Input0For records to be insertedInput 0
    Output0Successful load informationOutput 0
    1Unsuccessful load informationOutput 1


    SalesforceEinsteinWriter does not propagate metadata.

    SalesforceEinsteinWriter has metadata templates on its output ports.

    Table 56.14. SalesforceEinsteinWriter_Wave_Success - Output port 0

    Field numberField nameData typeDescription
    1StatusstringStatus of successfully finished load

    Table 56.15. SalesforceEinsteinWriter_Einstein_Error - Output port 1

    Field numberField nameData typeDescription
    1StatusstringStatus of an unsuccessfully finished load.
    2StatusMessagestringA more descriptive message.

    SalesforceEinsteinWriter Attributes

    AttributeReqDescriptionPossible values
    ConnectionyesSalesforce connection. 
    Dataset Nameyes

    Name of the data set.

    The Dataset Name should contain only alpha-numeric characters and underscore, and it should start with a letter.

    E.g. flowers
    Dataset Label 

    Label of data set to be displayed in Einstein platform. This property is only used when a dataset is initially created.

    E.g. Nice flowers
    Operation Operation to be performed on data setOverwrite (default) | Append | Delete | Upsert
    Unique ID field(yes)

    An input field that is considered as a unique identifier. It will be used to match records in the Upsert operation or select records to delete in the Delete operation. Mandatory for Delete and Upsert operations. Forbidden for Append operation.

    Metadata JSON JSON specifying structure of the loaded dataset. 
    Metadata JSON File URL An external file with the JSON metadata of the dataset. 
    Metadata JSON File URL Charset Character set of Metadata JSON File.E.g. UTF-8
    Result polling interval (seconds) The time between two checks of result of data upload. 


    SalesforceEinsteinWriter loads records into Einstein Analytics (formerly known as Wave). See Explore Data and Take Action with Einstein Analytics

    Supported Operations

    Overwrite - creates a new dataset or overwrites an existing one.

    Append - appends records into an existing dataset.

    Delete - deletes records from an existing dataset. The records to be deleted are selected using the Unique ID field property.

    Upsert - inserts or updates records in an existing dataset. The records are matched using the Unique ID field property to decide whether to update or insert.


    Writing records to Salesforce Einstein

    This example shows the basic use case of writing records to Salesforce Einstein. A new data set in Einstein Analytics will be created.

    Insert data records containing properties on different car types into Einstein Analytics as "car properties" data set.


    In SalesforceEinsteinWriter set Connection, Dataset Name and Dataset Label.

    ConnectionA Salesforce Connection
    Dataset Namecar_properties
    Dataset Labelcar properties

    Note that Dataset name contains an underscore character as it should not contain a space character.

    Best Practices

    If you use Metadata JSON File URL attribute, explicitly specify Metadata JSON File URL Charset.

    Insert all date fields in UTC timezone. If the timezone of the input fields is different, the values are automatically converted to UTC before upload. This is necessary to ensure correct upload.

    You can specify format of date fields inserted to Einstein by changing Format property on the input metadata field. For a list of supported date formats, see External Data Metadata Format Reference

    Notes and Limitations

    Metadata JSON is generated automatically based on CloverDX metadata on input edge. You can override this behavior by specifying the JSON yourself. Documentation on all possible properties usable in the JSON metadata is available here: External Data Metadata Format Reference

    Usage of API calls

    The component uses several Salesforce API calls during its run:

    1. Login

    2. Start the upload job.

    3. Upload the data. A single API call is necessary for every 10MB of data.

    4. Close the upload job.

    5. Get job completion status. This call is repeated in interval specified by the Result polling interval attribute until the job is completed.


    VersionCompatibility Notice

    SalesforceWaveWriter is available since 4.5.0-M1. It uses Salesforce SOAP API version 37.0.

    4.5.0-M2SalesforceWaveWriter uses Salesforce SOAP API version 39.0.
    5.2.0SalesforceWaveWriter uses Salesforce SOAP API version 45.0.
    5.3.0SalesforceWaveWriter uses Salesforce SOAP API version 46.1.
    5.13.0SalesforceWaveWriter was renamed to SalesforceEinsteinWriter.