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    Short Description

    QuickBaseQueryReader gets records fulfilling given conditions from a QuickBase online database table.

    ComponentData sourceInput portsOutput portsEach to all outputsDifferent to different outputsTransformationTransf. req.JavaCTLAuto-propagated metadata


    Port typeNumberRequiredDescriptionMetadata
    Output0For correct data records.any


    QuickBaseQueryReader does not propagate metadata.

    QuickBaseQueryReader has no metadata template.

    Metadata cannot use Autofilling Functions.

    QuickBaseQueryReader Attributes

    AttributeReqDescriptionPossible values
    QuickBase connection

    The ID of the connection to the QuickBase online database, see QuickBase Connections

    Table ID

    The ID of the table in the QuickBase application data records are to be get from. Select a table in the QuickBase UI and copy the table ID from the browser URL:

    e.g. bqib669xe

    Determines which records are returned (all, by default) using the form {<field_id>.<operator>.'<matching_value>'}.

    e.g. {'6'.CT.'Birdie'}

    The column list specifies which columns will be included in each returned record and how they are ordered in the returned record aggregate. Use field_ids separated by a period.


    The sort list determines the order in which the returned records are displayed. Use field_id separated by a period.


    Options used for data records that are read. For more information, see Options.

    Obtaining Table ID

    Figure 55.21. Obtaining Table ID


    QuickBaseQueryReader gets records from a QuickBase online database. You can use the component attributes to define which columns will be returned, how many records will be returned and how they will be sorted, and whether the QuickBase should return structured data. Records that meet the requirements are sent out through the connected output port.

    This component wraps the API_DoQuery HTTP interaction (


    Options attributes can be as follows:

    • skp-n

      Specifies n records from the beginning that should be skipped.

    • num-n

      Specifies n records that should be read.

    • sortorder-A

      Specifies the order of sorting as ascending.

    • sortorder-D

      Specifies the order of sorting as descending.

    • onlynew

      This parameter cannot be used by an anonymous user. The component reads only new records. The results can be different for different users.