Chapter 37. Manual Task Execution

    Since 3.1

    A manual task execution allows you to invoke a task directly with an immediate effect, without defining and triggering an event.

    There are a number of task types that are usually associated with a triggering event, such as a file listener or a graph/jobflow listener. You can execute any of these tasks manually.

    Additionally, you can specify task parameters to simulate a source event that would normally trigger the task. The following is a figure displaying how a 'file event' could be simulated. The parameters for various event sources are listed in the Chapter 35, Graph/Jobflow Parameters.

    Web GUI - "Manual task execution" form

    Figure 37.1. Web GUI - "Manual task execution" form

    Using Manual Task Execution

    In the Server GUI, switch to the Event Listeners tab. In the New Listener drop-down menu, select the Manual Task Execution option.

    Choose the task type you would like to use. See documentation on chosen tasks:

    Send an Email
    Execute Shell Command
    Start a Graph
    Start a Jobflow
    Start a Profiler Job
    Abort job
    Archive Records
    Send a JMS Message
    Execute Groovy Code

    If the server is suspended, form requires explicit confirmation of execution on suspended server.

    To access the Manual Task Execution form, you need Manual task execution permission.