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    QuickBaseRecordWriter writes data into a QuickBase online database.

    ComponentData outputInput portsOutput portsTransformationTransf. requiredJavaCTLAuto-propagated metadata


    Port typeNumberRequiredDescriptionMetadata
    Input0for input data recordsany
    Output0for rejected data recordsInput metadata enriched by up to two Error Fields for QuickBaseRecordWriter


    QuickBaseRecordWriter does not propagate metadata.

    Table 56.13. Error Fields for QuickBaseRecordWriter

    Field numberField nameData typeDescription
    optional[1]Specified in the error code output field.integer | longError code
    optional[1]Specified in the error message output field.stringError message

    [1] The error fields must be placed behind the input fields.

    QuickBaseRecordWriter Attributes

    AttributeReqDescriptionPossible values
    QuickBase connection

    ID of the connection to the QuickBase online database, see QuickBase Connections.

    Table ID

    The ID of the table in the QuickBase application data records are to be written into. Select a table in the QuickBase UI and copy the table ID from the browser URL:

    e.g. bqib669xe

    A list of database table field_ids separated by a semicolon the metadata field values are to be written to.

    Error code output field 

    The name of the field the error code will be stored in, see Error Fields for QuickBaseRecordWriter.

    Error message output field 

    The name of the field the error message will be stored in, see Error Fields for QuickBaseRecordWriter.

    Obtaining Table ID

    Figure 56.19. Obtaining Table ID


    QuickBaseRecordWriter receives data records through the input port and writes them to a QuickBase online database.

    This component wraps the API_AddRecord HTTP interaction (

    If the optional output port is connected, rejected records along with the information about the error are sent out through it.